This section of our web site is meant to tickle your fancy, delight your visual senses, and tempt you to consider the multitude of possibilities for bringing original art into your daily lifestyle.


Because art nurtures and feeds the senses, lifts the spirit and restores the soul. Art provides a refreshing oasis amidst the chaos of our busy and demanding daily lives.


  • Inside the cover of your appointment book a card specifically designed with images and words that encourage and inspire you,
    refreshes your resolve to succeed.
  • Upon your desk a framed portrait of a friend or family member reminds you of the heart of love.
  • As you pick up the phone, your eye rests for a second on a lovely landscape painting of your personal "special place", and your body automatically relaxes.
  • A lovely original charcoal drawing of your children, a gift from your spouse, warms your heart each time you glance its way.

Believing in the regenerative powers of art, award winning artist Marty Bunch has a vision and a mission. She would like everyone to have original art nourishing them while at home or at work.

Marty Bunch Art Originals offers you the opportunity to have original art surrounding you that is tailored to your lifestyle and your tastes.

When you commission a highly affordable Marty Bunch original, you co-create the results by collaborating (to the extent you wish) on the content, medium, color, size, etc. This is not computer generated art, clip art or digital imagery. This is original, fine art work.

Click here to see just a few examples...

What would make your heart sing?
That's what Marty wants to create for you!
Come on, you know your heart is longing to sing… so take a look! Be inspired.



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