Why use Marty Bunch Art Originals
to create your web site?


There's a great sense of satisfaction and prestige handing out your business cards or emailing your friends and associates with your very own URL. Websites are not just good business, affording you the space to expand on the information on your business cards and brochures. They can substantially cut your advertising printing and postage costs and can be updated with important late-breaking information and promotionals in the blink of an eye. A website with a secure server is an excellent place to keep employees up to date, post important meeting dates…

Websites aren't just for business, either. Is your family scattered all over the country or one of your children serving overseas? Disregarding the expense of long distance phone service, what better place to post new family event pictures for everyone to see in just the time it takes for a modem to connect instead of waiting for the extra prints to be developed and the mail delivered?

However, before the great sense of satisfaction when the brand new site is launched comes the dread and intimidation of getting the domain name, researching hosts, and horrors above all, thinking about purpose and content. Even after the preliminary work of securing the actual domain, inertia sets in with the confusion and mystery of what to put on the site and how the heck to put it there.

We are a company with all the resourses, patience and empathy needed to guide you through every step of the way. Your website is your baby, but it is our life. We are available when you need us.


Why use Marty Bunch Art Originals?


  • Been in business since 1987.
  • Have experience in every media from print to web
  • Have been designers for giants such as Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Texas Instruments as well as for small businesses and individuals.
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Our services include:

  • Web site design, construction, layout, implementation
  • Domain registration
  • Help selecting a reliable host
  • Information on copy writing to assure your site gets high browser ratings
  • Referrals to writers who specialize in writing for web results
  • Audio graphics assistance
  • Designing an attractive layout
  • Stellar original design graphics by our in house artist
  • Creation of skillful navigation for your site
  • Future changes and maintenance to your site as you grow
  • Recommendations for on site credit card services

Quality assistance we provide you, as our honored client:

  • Interpretation of your dreams into a stunning and effective website
  • Assistance through the entire process - from conception to launch and beyond.
  • Easy, prompt accessibility to us for information and assistance throughout your project and thereafter.
  • Handholding, feedback, advice and explanations as needed or requested. (We know your level of expertise is not the same as ours, and we promise to speak your language, not computer geek.)
  • Reasonable prices
  • Unlimited commitment to your satisfaction as our customer
  • A highly talented staff and Advisory Board
  • An award winning artist to design any look or feel you have in mind, from strictly professional to warm and homey

We'd love to speak to you, personally, about your needs, and how we might assist you. Contact us now:




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